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Sustainable  Upcycle Denim Design

Upcycling used jeans into a wide range of new products

DenimDutchie designs all kinds of products, made by hand from discarded used jeans since 1979.

( bracelets, aprons, sashiko and boro repared/restored jeans, reupholstered furniture, car seats, and more)


Originated more then 40 years ago from astonishment and bewilderment about the heedless waste in clothing.

Captured by the beauty, the diversety in denim, fades, shades of blue and the countless possibilities to reuse denim.

Working with all kinds of denim brands, prefering the more sustainable brands like MUDjeans

DenimDutchie mainly does commisioned work using the sustainable  'made to order 'method to avoid unnecessary stock. Together we can make and/or design the perfect circular product for you ! for instance: workwear aprons, promotional gifts and all kinds of re-upholsteries and so much more.  Some examples  you can find here:  PORTFOLIO


All discarded jeans are sorted, washed and  deconstructed thread by thread before being processed into a new product.

Some of these product will be for sale at the webshop which will be updated regularly.

All products are unique and handmade in Holland


DenimDutchie's mind is full of ideas and  always open to new challenging assignments.


If you want to order something from the shop, if you have a challenging assigment/idea or any questions, don't hesitate to ask ! Here's where you can contact DenimDutchie